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Join Our Rock n' Roll Band - Guitar Player & Bass Player Wanted! 

Are you a passionate and skilled Guitar Player or Bass Player looking to rock the stage with a dynamic band? Look no further! We're an energetic Rock n' Roll band based in the heart of Oceanside, California, and we're on the hunt for dedicated musicians like you to join our musical journey.

About Us: We're all about the classic vibes and electrifying energy of rock music. From iconic bands like ACDC, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Billy Idol, and beyond, our repertoire is a blend of catchy originals and killer covers that never fail to get the crowd moving. We take our music seriously, and we're committed to putting on unforgettable performances that leave a lasting impression.

What We're Looking For:

  • Guitar Player: If you're a guitar virtuoso with a deep love for rock music and can channel the spirit of guitar legends, we want you! Your riffs should ignite the stage and leave the audience craving for more.

  • Bass Player: Are you the heartbeat of the rhythm section? A bass player who knows how to lock in with the groove, drive the songs forward, and create that irresistible rock foundation? Join us and be the backbone of our sound.


  • Passion for Rock n' Roll and a genuine love for the classics.

  • Proficiency in playing either the guitar or bass (depending on the role you're auditioning for).

  • Ability to play the required audition songs: ACDC's "Dirty Deeds" and Aerosmith's "Same Old Songs and Dance."

  • Dedication and availability for weekly rehearsals in Oceanside, California.

  • Team player mentality and a desire to collaborate creatively with fellow band members.

  • Enthusiasm for live performances and a commitment to putting on electrifying shows.

How to Audition: 

  1. Prepare your rendition of ACDC's "Dirty Deeds" and Aerosmith's "Same Old Songs and Dance."

  2. Record a video of yourself playing these songs. Make sure we can see your skills and feel your passion!

  3. Send your audition video along with a brief introduction about yourself to

Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a vital part of our Rock n' Roll family. Get ready to unleash your musical prowess and make your mark on the stage!

For more information or any inquiries, please contact Don Myers at 1 (760) 439-6200 or

Let's crank up the volume, set the stage on fire, and rock the world together. Join us in Oceanside, California, and let's create legendary music that resonates for generations to come! 🤘🎶

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